§ 8 of General Business Terms: Deposit

8.1 A material-dependent deposit will be charged for all rental objects. The stated deposit amount and the material rent shall be paid by Lessee to Rental Company's account in advance. The deposit amount will be stated in the demand for payment.

8.2 The deposit will be refunded to Lessee's account within one month after rental period, provided that the rental objects are returned to Rental Company in proper condition after expiry of rental period. Prior written notification shall be given to Rental Company if Lessee wishes the deposit to be transferred to an account other than Lessee's account. Refunds to PayPal accounts could contain fees charged by PayPal (see Terms and Conditions of PayPal).

8.3 In the event of a deposit deduction resulting from Lessee's liability hereunder, Lessee shall be informed about the amount of deposit deduction already upon return of the rental items Lessee shall sign a document serving as confirmation and proof of the deposit deduction.

8.4 If deposit is forfeited due to damage, total loss etc., Rental Company shall be entitled to withhold the total deposit amount for coverage of damage expenses. Rental Company reserves the right to allocate additional costs in accordance with § 7.2 of this General Terms and Conditions at his own discretion. Lessee shall sign a document serving as confirmation.